Inspiration for IPE decking

Don’t know what to build with the help of IPE decking? IPE decking can be used for various purposes. IPE wood is originated from South America and it is also called Brazilian walnut. The color of the wood is that of a medium to darker brown. This way it has the natural beauty of a fine interior wood.

Thanks to the structure of the wood, the wood is very durable. The structure of the wood is very hard, very strong and it is capable of witholding water, moisture, moulding and insects. This way the wood is one of the strongest woods on earth in comparison to other woods.

But what can IPE decking be used for?

Well there are a lot of things it can be used for. For example it can be used in your garden, on your balcony or in front of your caravan at the camp site.

Did you know that IPE wood has the same fire rating as steel and concrete? This way IPE wood can be used in fire hazardous surroundings. It can easily be the surface where your fireplace stands on.

Other places that IPE wood can be used for are :

  • In a lounge set
  • Roof
  • IPE wall
  • Planter

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