Dutch student receives James Dyson Award for plastic scanner 2021

James Donon’s reward designed to change the world. The original technique of the technical and technical engineers who want to apply their knowledge and find new ways to improve technology technology. Since the match started in 2005, James denied up to $ 125 million to $ 125 million. Reward supported about 300 innovation. Corporate by Jerry D’s Dance Winner from Dance Dance from Dance Daskson from Dance Daskson, the last 2021 designed with the creation of plastic scanners. Choose from 2021 in mid-2021, the great respect, and the Dutch people were on the last platform on the last platform. Can create plastic identification to indicate mobile plastic and plastic and plastic contamination. Jerry (Tu-Deft) with a simple translation and easy translation to use an infringement infrastructure and consumer’s request. The problem has ended every year, 11 million plastic hair and continuously continuously. This is a plastic amounts per hour filling 11 Olympic basins. Jerry’s mission to solve this plastic soup at each level, including processing. Only recycled worlds are only 14% of the world, whether you can process or all types of plastic. Many plastic are not treated (and collected, when processing is difficult and economically economically economical. There is also no good infrastructure to process many countries. Jerry ie has left to treat the process of processing and releasing plastic contaminants to release plastic contaminants. From the sea of the sea – from low and medium-sized statements that are often arranged with their hands. It takes a lot of time and money, and errors can – easy. Since the valuable plastic ratios have seen the effect of plastic contaminants and contaminated in the processing processes and configured in processing processes. The mobile plastic scanners reported where the plastic product is. The input lamp is used to detect plastic components. This makes it possible for plastic that is better and better. Thanks for the development of plastic treatment of plastic processing in the country, the plastic scanners identify a multi-accessible and set plastic, to make the plastic, one of the most complicated barriers in the process of .Phole.

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