Snapchat comes with the stock: memories on the world map

Snapchat (where you can find millions of people every day) takes your Snap maps to another level. At least the store was set aside. First, there are two layers: memory and navigation. Memories represent memories on the world map and navigation is available to see around the world as they move.
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Facebook is probably working hard on changes to SnapChat. He also seems to want to move more and more from one app to another, so Snapchat cards are now offered with many layers. One is very personal, not everything else.
Snapchatters were created to display memories in their SnapMap. Think of Facebook as “memories from the last 5 years”: you can see what you wrote before. Snapchat is basically exactly where you share it, so it appears on a world map. You only see your memories, so others will not be able to see your friends.
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Research is not a personal matter. This is just an addition to the heat map. With a heat map you can see where many people are at the same time and shoot. Discover this creation, which gives you the opportunity to travel to other parts of the world. You can select a location and then you will see all kinds of photos and videos taken by others. For example, you see some cities through the eyes of many others.
You can select the layer you want to open. In addition, Snapchat intends to work with partners to add new features to these levels. There is, for example, collaboration with Ticketmaster and Snapchat hopes to provide more information, for example about concerts. Post on social networks
Sure, there are a lot of things to keep in mind about the stock, but now Snap starts with the most obvious. Especially now that we get the advice to stay home and for the most part it seems far away. With Explore, you can still pay for virtual city tours. Snap Map is your friend. If you want it to be personal, you can use the same card as a reminder.

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